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“We’re not in Kansas anymore”

- Meghan

But I was, six years ago! I can’t believe it was that long ago, it feels like it was just yesterday! Two of my aunts and their families live in Kansas and in July of 2003 my aunt Elizabeth and I went to visit.

This trip will always stick out in my mind because it was the first time I went on an airplane. My aunt flew out with me but I flew back by myself. I don’t have any pictures that I took to add since this trip was before digital cameras became popular!

My aunts live in a city about thirty minutes outside of Kansas City. One day we took a day trip into Kansas City to walk around. We went to the Kansas City Sculpture Park behind the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and saw a statue of the Thinker. I also saw another “Thinker” when I visited the Rodin Gardens in Paris.

Another night we went to The Rainforest Café which was a lot of fun. It’s a chain so if there is one near you, I definitely recommend giving it a try! I also tried Sonic for the first time in Kansas before they started moving over to the east coast. Now I have one 10 minutes away! For those who haven’t heard of Sonic, it is a drive up restaurant where you park, order and someone brings your food out to you. You can also just go through the drive through or eat inside.

We also went to a train museum where you could take a ride on a train through Kansas farmland. The train stops all of the sudden and everyone gets off so they can turn it around to go back. The Topeka Zoological Park is another great place to visit. I specifically remember the waterfowl exhibit. You can walk along a boardwalk and see all kind of ducks and other birds in their natural habitat.

My trip to Kansas was a lot of fun, it’s definitely time to plan another one!




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