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Taliesin West Arizona

- Meghan

My second time on an airplane was to Arizona to visit another one of my aunts. I had never been farther west than Kansas so I was excited to see more of the U.S. Even though I went in the fall, it was SO hot. It got up to 90 while we were there and it can get much hotter, I hear! We were going swimming in an outdoor pool in November!

My favorite part of the trip was visiting Taliesin West which is an estate that was designed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. He also designed Fallingwater in Pennsylvania, another house in Wisconsin called Taliesin and many other homes around the U.S. I recently read a piece of historical fiction called Loving Frank by Nancy Horan about a scandalous event in Wright’s life. I wish I had read that book before going to Taliesin. But it also makes me want to go see all of his other masterpieces.

It was a really hot day when we went. The buildings were beautiful. Wright’s style of architecture is called organic architecture which means the building flows and blends in with the surrounding nature. Since Taliesin was built in a desert it consists of stone work and earthy tone colors like brown, tan and red.

This trip to Arizona was my first time seeing a desert environment. It was strange not to see grass and trees (At least not the kinds I’m used to) It’s very flat, dry and sandy, just like you’d imagine it to be.




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