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Camping Is Fun — Especially at Lake George, NY

- admin

Camping now and how! Camping is fun, but you need to get the proper equipment to do it. However, remember that your best tool is your wit. Without your wit it is impossible to camp.

Most important gear to have is a sleeping bag. I recommend one that is not rated less than 20 degrees, meaning it keeps you warm to twenty degrees Fahrenheit or 12 degrees below freezing. This is especially important during the fall, winter or spring. During the warm summer months, you can probably get by with one of those bags with the cartoons on it that you have in your attic from when you were a little kid. Even a sleeping bag liner may work for your first trip if it is a hot summer weekend.

Next is your tent. Although at some camp sites, you can rent a cabin, a tent is more fun. Usually a four person tent is good to start with if your whole family is going. The trick with a tent is to get one that is really one more person than you really need…then you have room to throw stuff around and relax. For example, I use a two person tent for just me.

Now for food. Everything you eat tastes good when you’re camping so don’t make a 20 ingredient meal. Also stick to a small camping grill — keep it simple when it comes to cooking while camping, since you have to pack and carry everything with you.

Last but not least bring a game…usually a ball, a Frisbee and a deck of cards are good ones for plenty of fun. Also, don’t forget the marshmallows, and gather some firewood for the night. Flashlights are a must, along with bug spray…and away you go!

My family’s favorite spot to camp is Lake George, NY. I just learned that Lake George is where the Boy Scouts of America held their first summer camp. It is in upstate New York about three hours north of New York City, located in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains. There are some very nice private and public campgrounds. The best thing there is that you can rent an island and rent a boat to get to the island, right in the middle of Lake George! It’s pretty cool to be camping on an island in a lake! There’s even a little PX (that’s a camp store in camping language where you can get some goodies) on one of the islands.

For more info on Lake George Campgrounds visit the following links: or you can make your reservations in advance for the State of New York Island Campgrounds at:

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