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The Memoirs: Part 3 – On the Lake

- Callie

I’m back with the some more excerpts from everyone’s favorite TTT series, The Memoirs.

At this point in The Memoirs, we are all settled in at Glen Lake, Michigan, and are having more action-packed days, while still enjoying a rather leisurely vacation.

August 11, 2008

Yet another beautiful day in Michigan! The cousins and Uncle Chris boated over to our side of the lake, woke us up, and boated us back to their side of the lake. The boat ride was liberating because he was driving so fast that drool was flying from my mouth :/

From their house, the whole family drove to Lake Michigan (Which was only a 5 minute car ride away). The water at Glen Lake is decently warm, but the water at Lake Michigan was so painfully, numbingly cold! But the fact that it was so cold made it really fun. We made a game out of it to see who would go in the deepest and stay in the longest (I won, of course :) ). Eventually, we all dove completely in. Oh, the adventurous folk we are!

When we went back to our lake, Glen Lake, we went tubing. Uncle Chris, the cool, laid-back uncle of ours took us. But Mother and Father were having their typical paranoia attack about him taking all us kids, so my Mom came along to “protect us from the dangers of the lake”. Under Mother’s protection, we all survived. We tubed two at a time until one fell off, and then it was the next group’s turn to tube. We all had a really great time. You can rent tubes, waterskis, and boats from a nearby marina. I do not know the name of the marina, but the cottage renting service ( has that information.

After our adventures, we then had dinner followed by mini-golf! Or put-put, as some like to call it. Afterwards, we got ice cream. Now, sleep. Goodnight!

All the activities and restaurants were in Glen Arbor, the town surrounding our lake. There were plenty of places to eat, two ice cream shops, and mini-golf. Actually, it was a good mini-golf place, too — with rivers, hills and a wild-west theme. About two minutes away from our cottages, there is the town-square-like part of Glen Arbor with most of the restaurants, boutiques, a pastry shop, and one of the ice cream palors. Oh, and I can’t forget the tennis courts. I had to play with my dad every night before dinner because tryouts for the tennis team began the week we got back from vacation. He thinks he’s a coach.



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