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Hello from Singapore!

- admin

Hi, I’m Tink, TeenTravelTalk’s newest blogger.

While most of the bloggers live in the northeast of the US, I live about as far away as you can get: Singapore. No, it’s not in China and no, we don’t live in huts on this side of the world. ; )

Singapore is a very small country on the tip of western Malaysia. You could probably circle the entire island in less than an hour. Yes, that small. My house and my school are on completely opposite sides of the island, yet it takes me less than half an hour to commute.

Yes, people do speak English as the main language here, although many Singaporeans speak a second language at home, such as Mandarin or Bahasa.

Singapore is known for being strict. You get fined for jay-walking and spitting, for example. There’s also caning for various offenses. Also, you can’t buy or sell gum here, but you can bring it back from the US or Malaysia and chew it. From what I hear, it’s because the MRT (subway) had to stop for several hours one day when a wad of gum caused problems closing the doors. As part of the emergency system, the train wouldn’t move and people were stuck inside. Perhaps this is just urban legend. Either way, I’m glad. It’s a small trade off for black spot-free streets.

Singapore is also known for being clean and green. In fact, it’s called “the Garden City.” If you ever travel to Singapore, you’ll have to arrive at Changi Airport which is already green in itself with many indoor plants. When you take a taxi to go into the city, you travel along a highway that is lined with giant overarching trees and bougainvillea. That’s always my favorite part about coming home from traveling. It’s a great “welcome back”.

That’s all about Singapore for now. I’ll probably vlog about here later.

And, now a bit about me. I’m not Singaporean. I have an American passport. But, “where are you from?” is a difficult question to answer. My mom is from the Philippines, my dad is from Boston, I was born in Washington D.C., spent eight years living in Hong Kong, and have lived in Singapore for almost exactly seven years. So, I often tell people “you decide” because many people have different interpretation of “from.”

I’m not alone in this strange in-betweenness. We’re taught in 7th grade the technical term of “third culture kid.” This means that a TCK grows up in a country (culture one) that is different from their parents’ culture (culture two) and creates a third culture of their own that is a mixture of the two. Thus, you have a third culture kid, like me. There are a lot of us.

Living in Singapore and having family all over the world means I have a reason to travel a lot, which is good for you if you’re still reading this because I have plenty to share about traveling in Asia Pacific.

Blog later!





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