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I Like Bike

- Justine

Sometimes the best way to travel is by bicycle. Think about it: it’s cheap, it’s eco-friendly, it’s healthy, and you can get off the beaten path while still going pretty fast. When I was in France, my favorite way to enjoy the scenery and explore was by biking. I got to see little footbridges and pretty cobblestone market quads. I could stop in the middle of a path or street and go explore a field of sunflowers, a wheat farm, or a fish market. It’s really the best way to experience a setting: you aren’t in a little metal box going forty miles an hour. The best part was the bike lanes. Even the smallest of towns had clearly marked bike lanes on the side of the road.

But in this country, you don’t see bike lanes as much. Surprisingly, Manhattan has bike lanes including one on busy 42nd St., and apparently there are plans to make all of New York City more bike-friendly. What better way to explore New York than by bike? It’s not strenuous because the streets are flat and there are tons of shops, restaurants, parks, and museums that you can stop at whenever you so fancy. All you need is a bike lock, a helmet, and a bike itself might come in handy!

Here are a few places you can rent one. There are also guided bike tours for people who don’t know what to go see first– one is of the Brooklyn Bridge at twilight! Doesn’t that sound incredible? The next time you’re in the city, skip the subway and take a refreshing bike ride.

Does anyone know of some other cities that are bike-friendly?




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