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The Memoirs: The Last of Michigan

- Callie

According to fellow teentraveltalker, Vienna, my Memoirs aren’t funny. Well Vienna, this is because I feel as if I can’t include all the ridiculous completely irrelevant stuff that actually is kind of funny. I’m trying to be relevant to the topic of travel, which wasn’t all that humorous in my Memoirs. All Apologies.

I’m now going to wrap up the last few entries of my Michigan Memoirs in this blog. I hope I’m funny enough.

Warning: It’s LONG. You don’t have to read it all in one sitting.

August 12th, 2008 (Day 6 of the trip)

Uncle Chris took us horseback riding. I’m scared for life of horses thanks to a certain girl scout trip. It was nice though, “easy as pie”. But stupid Biscuit kept eating grass and leaves and making branches smack into my face. We did a lot of “chillaxing” today. Took a leisurely boat-ride.

Dinner was fun (we went to one of the restaurants in the main part of Glen Arbor that I spoke of in my last blog). I like those girls (my new step-cousins). I love Maddie. She is the most energetic, funny 3rd grader I know! I’m becoming obsessed! I love her! I idolize her! I glorify her! Grace and Danielle are nice, too. I wish I had your 16 shot camera with me because Maddie makes the best faces. Once again, obsession.

Then I watched Scrubs. Now, sleepis.
Bonne nuit, mon amie.

I hope Vienna is happy, because that Maddie paragraph is totally irrelevant. And not even funny. I promise you all, I am actually funny! I could have added three more actually funny, but totally irrelevant, paragraphs that I wrote that day, but I won’t. It’s called a job.
If anyone is truly interested in the horseback riding, I’m sorry but I have no idea what the name of the place it. All I know is that there IS a ranch very close to Glen Lake so it can’t be that hard to find out where. Ask around.

August 13th, 2008

I don’t know if I ever told you this, but I’ve been saying this a lot in the Memoirs. “Sleepis”. Back in the day, my dad had this quote, “Make sure you go peepis before you go sleepis, or else you’ll go peepis in your sleepis.”

Today we went on a hike and us youngsters carved our names in a log.(This was at a place called Sleeping Bear Dunes because the dunes look like a sleeping bear from this one view. Clever.) Then I ramble on about this game we played, blah blah blah, irrelevant.
We tubed again today. The Fris (yet another name for my brother) and I got some “sweet air”. It was funny to watch Danielle and Grace because Danielle was dangling the whole time and hanging on for dear life. She actually lasted 5 minutes!
Then papa et moi played tennis and there was a lady next to us with a frightening “tennis grunt” EVERY time she hit the ball.

After dinner, we went to Uncle Jack’s for some BBQ and some more s’mores. We played volleyball (there’s a volleyball net at his cabin), and then we went inside and Grace put on some Hannah Montana and we all sang and danced. Quality family time.

Now we’re back at our cottage. George Lopez, then peepis, then sleepis…or else you know what happens.

Love, Callie
Age 14 (for another 3 hours and 44 minutes)

August 14th, 2008

OH HAPPY DAY! I’m officially the same age as everyone else in the world (and by that I mean my grade)! At least for another month until the vicious cycle starts again and everyone’s turning 16.
We have to go out for a “surprise” thing my mom found. I’m scared because she had this sly look on her face and said it’ll take about 10 minutes but we’ll remember it for the rest of our lives…are we getting tattoos?!

No. Typical Mom idea: We went to lunch at some cherry oriented place and outside there was this cherry pit spitting thing to see how far you could spit cherry pits. My brother’s farthest pit beat mine by less than an inch :(
Was it fun? Yes. Will I remember it for the rest of my life? No.

Before we did that, us five kids, mom, dad, aunt, and uncle went kayaking. It was 2 hours of fun. We kayaked in a river that emptied out really close to Lake Michigan.
Grace and and I went together, and Nick and Maddie went together. We had race to be ahead of everyone else and even though Nick and Maddie were in front at the beginning, Grace and I got so far ahead and won! But typical Nick said “oh, we weren’t racing…”. The talk of a loser.

Then pizza, then cake. The usual birthday festivities.
Then we said our goodbyes to the family because we were all leaving the next day. We all had so much fun together. And now for my earth-shattering conclusion the my Memoirs.

I can’t really write anymore because I have to force-feed Great Expectations down my throat. But don’t worry, you’re not missing out. We’re driving home and willl be back in several hours. And so I must read.

But for now,
Goodbye Alex.
Hello Charles Dickens.




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