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Ask the Pilot 1

- Ally

My next few blogs will be answers to questions that I asked my dad, an international pilot with Delta Airlines.

1. What is your favorite city you have gone to and why?

Well, I’ve flown 12 years with the Air Force and 10 years commercial flying. So, I’ve been to many different cities but, right now, it’s Accra, Ghana. The people are really nice and it’s amazing that people who live in such poverty can be so friendly. Some of our flight attendants do good work at an orphanage and I’ve visited the orphanage and the juvenile detention center to try to help them.

2. Do you always fly with the same person?
No, because we have 600 pilots based in New York so it is very rare that I fly with the same person twice. The pilots come from all over the country. They can live locally or come from Florida, Texas or even a few as far away as California.

3. There are pilots that live in Florida but fly in New York?
They do something called commuting. They fly from Florida to the New York airport then they go to their assigned destinations.

4. Why aren’t the pilots based in their hometowns?
Because our airline doesn’t fly internationally out of every airport.

If you have questions, post them as comments to this blog and I’ll get back to you.



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