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Calling all Harry Potter Freaks

- Elise

I am not a fan of Harry Potter. I’ve never seen the movies and I’ve never read the books. I guess you can say I’m prejudging. And I’m sorry, but I’m just not into that kinda thing. Maybe I just don’t get it. However, I know that a lot of you are fans of this wizard (that’s what he’s called ..right?), and you’d probably be interested in knowing about my Harry Potter adventures when I was in England last February.

Our group took a bus tour to Oxford. It was such a beautiful, historic college. The architecture was absolutely breathtaking. Everything and everyone just gave off an air of pure intelligence.
Contrary to popular belief, Oxford is not one single University. It is actually comprised of more than thirty separate (small) colleges. My group visited Christ Church College, where the Harry Potter movies were filmed.
The buildings were magnificent. There were archways everywhere and painstaking details on the ceilings. We came to a flight of stairs. That’s when everyone started freaking out. I still have no idea what happens on these stairs. I just know that Harry Potter must have walked up them in the movie or something because everyone in my group wanted to get their picture taken going up. I kinda stayed on the sidelines, mostly because I didn’t know what was going on. I took a picture of the steps anyway. I mean, come on. Everyone was doing it.
Then we went onto the dining hall. Girlish squeals ensued. This time I kinda understood why everyone was so excited. The dining hall was truly amazing. The Harry Potter movies did not film the dining hall scenes here, but they made almost an exact replica of it in the studios. People tell me that they had to anyway because of the ceiling. I still have no idea what happens with this ceiling. I’m almost curious to find out. Almost.
The room was made of three rows of looooong tables. Each seat had a place setting for lunch. The students of Christ Church College still eat in this historic dining hall. Portraits of famous students lined the walls. It felt somewhat eerie standing in the room where John Locke and a million other philosophers, writers, and artists ate their soup.

The stained glass windows were also very interesting. One of them was the “Alice” window. Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice in Wonderland, was a student and a professor at Christ Church College. Many of Alice’s adventures center around places in this college. This window depicts various characters from Alice in Wonderland.



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