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A Trip To the Florida Keys

- Alexis

Having family in Key West, Florida is definitely a plus. Usually, every spring break my dad and I take a trip out there to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousin. Almost everyday is a beautiful day in Key West and the perfect day to go out on a boat. My older cousin has his captains license so he offered to rent a boat and take us out. He took us to a sandbar which then inclined to deep water so he could go spear fishing. Then he took to us to another place where the water was so clear and picture perfect. There was a little island there of trees and sand and then led into the water which was perfect for wake boarding. A day on the boat is always great but exploring Key West by land isn’t so bad either.

Usually when I go to Key West we only get to go out on a boat once so other times we’ve gone to a sunken ship museum right in the town of Key West. At the museum, they have many old artifacts that were from the many sunken ships found off the rocky coast of Key West. Since these ships were carrying tons of treasure back in the days of pirates, you can still purchase replicas of gold and silver coins and other treasure at the museum’s gift shop. Also they have many gold bars shown at the exhibit which are not on sale though.

But if a day of boating or going to museums is not for you, then there is always jet skiing. When my cousin was about 19, he worked at a jet skiing company so he let my dad and me go out on the jet ski. At first I didn’t really like it because I was out in the open water and I don’t really like the ocean. Over time I got used to it even though I was holding on for dear life since I didn’t want to fall off. When we finally got back on land I realized my fingers had cuts on them because I was holding on so tight!
After jet skiing, we all went to the Conch Republic to eat lunch. Eating there is my favorite because when it’s sunny out, you can see all the fish swim by. It’s a lot of fun and definitely a tradition every time I go to the Keys. Overall, every time I go to Florida, I end up having a great time.



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