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Barack Obama!

- Meghan

In February of 2007 I went on a trip to San Francisco, California with my church choir. The Westminster Choir goes on trip every year during February Break to put on a musical. In 2007, the show of choice was Children of Eden. I was in 9th grade so it was my first time going on tour. I was so excited that we were going to San Francisco since I had always wanted to visit California.

We flew into San Francisco International Airport. I remember that the plane landed on a sort of peninsula that stuck out into the San Francisco Bay. It felt like we were going to land right in the bay until the ground magically appeared below us! The plan for the week was to travel around to the neighborhoods surrounding San Francisco to put on our show. We had several “host churches” where we went to perform and then we stayed with a family who belonged to that church. It was a great experience getting to know all of those new people. I have to say it was a little nerve wracking to go stay with someone I didn’t know but all of the people were so welcoming. I had nothing to worry about!

One night we stayed right in the city of San Francisco at the Westin Saint Francis Hotel. It was beautiful, the rooms were large and it was very comfortable. The next morning there was a buzz going around that some political figure named Barack Obama was staying in the penthouse of the hotel for some sort of convention. None of us knew who this supposedly well-known person was, so nobody made a big deal of it. Oh, only if we knew then what we all know now!

During our free time we visited Alcatraz, Glide Memorial Church (where a few scenes from the movie Pursuit of Happyness was filmed), Pier 39 and Sausalito (a city just over the Golden Gate Bridge). Over the next few weeks I will blog about each one of these specifically, so stay tuned! I highly recommend making San Francisco a vacation destination, it’s worth it! If you want to stay at the Westin Saint Francis check out their website at

Have you ever stayed at the same hotel as a celebrity?




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