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Catamaran in Barbados

- Callie

I would have loved to blog last night about my adventurous day yesterday, but I was too busy traveling to talk about it. Yesterday I got up, ate breakfast at the buffet with Rossman, swam in the ocean (finally) with all my endearing cousins, ate the lunch buffet with Rossman, and then had to go back to the room to get ready for the adventure we had ahead of us. Just so you know, the ocean is great. It’s not as wavy as I would like, but not rocky at all.

The “bride to be” planned a catamaran tour for us that lasted from about 3 to 7. Using context clues of the name and what we did, I would say a catamaran is a boat that takes you on a tour of exciting things. The name of the catamaran is El Tigre and it is a self-owned business by this guy named Captain Nick. If you are ever in Barbados, I really wouldn’t miss the opportunity to do it. El Tigre. Captain Nick. Don’t forget.

So we were bussed from Turtle Beach Hotel to the the catamaran, which was about 20 minutes away. On the boat, everyone got complimentary drinks and coconut bread. All the adults sat in the boring part of the boat where the table was, and all the youth sat either on the deck or on this awesome net. On the front of the boat, there was this net suspended above the water that was safe to sit on. The catamaran sailed for a while while my cousins and I sat on the net, which bounced a little while we went over waves.

Then we got to the first stop – snorkeling with turtles. We put on our snorkeling gear, climbed off the ladder, and got in the water with one of the guides. The guide took fish to throw so turtles would come. Only one turtle came but it was still amazing to see a turtle in the water and to swim around with it. Then we went back on the boat, and it was about 5 minutes to the next stop – snorkeling with fish. Same deal, only a buttload of fish came instead of turtles. And instead of climbing off a ladder into the boat, we got to jump off the front edge of the boat.

We all got back on the boat and dried off. It was now getting dark and the whole island of Barbados lit up. We sailed back, which took about 40 minutes and got to enjoy looking at the stars, the island, and bouncing up and down on that net.

Today is the wedding. My uncle is marrying Rihanna <3
I’ll be sure to blog about that — and the beginning of our day today — later. This blog is getting too long as it is.




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