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I <3 NY

- Alex

(<--Here's a little video I made with some motion pictures from our day.)

Yesterday, a handful of us TTTers and some of our non-bloggin’ friends ventured out of the realms of quiet New Jersey and experienced New York City as real ‘teenagers’. Besides crowded subways and A LOT of walking, it was a seriously fun day.

For all of you baseball freaks (no offense) the New York Yankees parade was yesterday. Whoo hoo? This meant crowded subways and crowded lower Manhattan. We did a pretty good job at avoiding the crowds (except for in Port Authority…but hey, what do you expect?)

First stop on our trip was Washington Square Park/Greenwich Village. After meandering through the village for a while, our tummies were growling. We stopped at Mamoun’s Falafel restaurant. (Recommended by Elise! See her blog about her New York experiences…which we copied!) Oh man, you guys KNOW I love food. That was the best, I guess you could call it a sandwich, I ever had! If you’re in the village, go to Mamoun’s. Make it a priority.

In the spirit of Elise and her brother, we took our falafels to Washington Square Park (you know, that place where all of the cool NYU kids hang out). The weather was absolutely gorgeous (besides being a bit chilly). We took a bunch of pictures and just had fun being kids.

After the park, we wandered around the Village until we got to The Strand bookstore. It was one of the most magical places I’ve ever been to, with the exception of Disney World, and a few select vacations. The place was brimming with knowledge. There were books EVERYWHERE! I felt like I was in Harry Potter…you know, in their library? After buying a set of short stories by J.D. Salinger, the author of Catcher in Rye (a must-read for ANY teenager), I felt very satisfied with our day. If doing Manhattan wasn’t enough for us go-getters, we took a subway to Brooklyn.

We arrived in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Being that we already copied Elise’s New York excursion, we thought we’d take it one step further by walking (halfway) across the Brooklyn bridge. I’m really into photography so I had a field day taking the ‘classic’ Brooklyn bridge pictures…and those of friends too. It was a magical (I think I used that word already…it was just such a great day) experience. I felt like I was still in the middle of everything New York City, but secluded and almost ‘on top of the world’ at the same time. I recommend Brooklyn bridging it to anyone staying or living in the area.

After walking through TWO boroughs, we were a bunch of tired kids. We enjoyed some hot chocolate and high-tailed it to the subway. The majority of us went home but a few ventured on to a Monsters of Folk concert in Washington Heights.

To sum up the day: A LOT of walking. Unless you are one of those fitness types, I don’t recommend doing two boroughs in one day. Also, if you live in the New Jersey area, you really should take advantage of the city that is at your fingertips. Honestly, it’s the ‘greatest city in the world’, use it and have fun!




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