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Rihanna, Uncle Ed, and Barbados

- Callie

Rihanna and my uncle were happily married yesterday.<3 (My uncle did not really marry Rihanna. I'm joking because Rihanna grew up on Barbados). He married this woman from his work. The place they were married is called Josef's. It was not on the beach, but overlooking the water. It was a quick marriage ceremony and then we ate dinner there.
Tomorrow we leave Barbados and the happy couple will stay for their honeymoon. If you are a teen who likes to travel, you will most likely be an adult that likes to travel. Maybe some of you would like to get married on an island. Personally, I think it’s really cool to wear a wedding dress on the beach, but the downside is that not many friend/family members will be able to attend because it’s expensive to get a lot of people to an island and get a hotel there.

This will be my last blog from Barbados. When I get home I’ll upload some vlogs and pictures.

Brace yourself because I am going to sum up my last 2 days in Barbados: Well, we learned that Turtle Beach hotel is not as kid friendly as one may have hoped. The computer room, tennis courts, and jacuzzi are “not for children 16 and under” (as if being called a teen isn’t bad enough). But being the rebels we are, we used them anyway. The good things about this hotel are that all food and drinks are included, the beach is great, there are two pools, and water sports are offered. Yesterday and today, all the “children” and my dad played tennis for hours. Before and after tennis, we swam in the ocean, and before tennis, we boogie-boarded in the ocean. I will admit, it was pretty rough for once.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were fun as usual. My cousins and I always had ridiculous things to talk about (especially about my cousin Anthony). We also played an intense game of scrabble today. Boys vs. Girls. I’m sure you can guess who won. I got so sunburned yesterday that my dad made me wear a hat all day. It was pretty embarrassing… That’s about it for our hotel. (Turtle Beach Hotel )

Other than for the wedding and the catamaran, we didn’t leave the hotel much. However, we did seem to occupy ourselves well while we were at the hotel.

There seem to be many “happenin” towns and MANY hotels in Barbados. The wedding was in the town St. Lawrence Gap. There seemed to be many hotels, restaurants, and shops there so it’d be interesting to spend the day there.

On the other side of the island, there is supposedly some of the best surfing, and when we went to get on the catamaran, we were in the capital of Barbados – Bridgetown – which also seemed “happenin”. While these places may be fun for teens during the day, I wouldn’t recommend being out and about without any parents at night because you never know what could happen.

That’s all from Barbados. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as my cousin Rossman does.




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