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Have you visited “The Rock?”

- Meghan

Or just Alcatraz as it is known by those of us who were never inmates! I visited Alcatraz during my trip to San Francisco in February 2007 with my church choir. We took a ferry over to the island, passing right by the Golden Gate Bridge, which was definitely the highlight of the ride. It took about 15 minutes by boat to reach the island so you can imagine trying to swim off Alcatraz would not be fun! A few prisoners tried this method of escape, but none succeeded. Approaching the island, one could definitely see why it was a good place for a jail. The island juts out of the bay, with the prison sitting on the very top, sheer drop-offs all around!

Upon getting off the boat we had to walk along steep twisting paths to get to the actual building. We received headphones which would act as our audio tour guides. It was really cool to have the headphones to listen to. You can actually hear what they were saying unlike too many tours where people talk over the guide. It had sound effects and told you where to walk so that you would stay in synch with what was being said. There were a lot of very interesting and sometimes scary stories about escapes and fights between inmates. One that sticks out in my mind is about an inmate who took a knife from the dining hall and pulled it on one of the guards. A few inmates also stole spoons from the dining hall in attempt to dig their way out.

There were several levels of small, claustrophobic cells looking down onto the main walkway which they called Broadway. Each row had a name like Times Square, C-Block, D-Block etc. Inmates could go outside into this small courtyard surrounded by a stone wall topped with barbed wire for recreational time and movies were shown twice a month on Sundays. It looked like a pretty rough place, but it was for some of the most dangerous criminals in U.S. history such as Al Capone and George “Machine Gun” Kelly!

I highly recommend visiting Alcatraz if you are in the area but make sure you buy tickets ahead of time. They sell out fast and are time specific! Go to to buy tickets. Keep in mind that there is no admission fee to the island itself, just pay for the ferry and that’s it.




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