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Big Apple Circus, Big Success!

- Justine

I have to say, I was a little worried about how much fun the circus would be. I didn’t even remember the last time I had gone to the circus, and the clown on the Big Apple Circus website did not resemble anyone I’d want to spend 2 hours with in a giant tent full of strobe lights. I’m happy to say that my brother, my little cousins, my slightly older cousins, and I all had a thoroughly entertaining afternoon.

First let me sidetrack a little and rant about John’s Pizzeria on West 44th St. Honestly, it’s the best pizza I’ve ever had. I always wondered when I would be able to say that, and now I can. The crust was thin but not too crunchy, the cheese-to-sauce proportion was just right, and it had FLAVOR. I couldn’t really pinpoint it, but it was just so savory. You haven’t had real pizza until you’ve had this. Trust me.

Anyways, after this delightful encounter with two slices of the best pizza I’ve ever had, we walked several blocks to Lincoln Center where I gave my little cousin piggyback rides around the fountain until our tickets were purchased and we were ready to go in. A couple of tips, right off the bat:
1. Only get one tub of popcorn. Nine of us shared just one and it was the right amount. Don’t spend too much money on getting much else.
2. Secure everything, like your cell phone or wallet, by putting it in a bag or a really tight pocket. Loose things can easily fall under the seats around the ring and it takes a while to go get someone to help you.

We took our seats and over the next two hours, I sat there in amazement. Stunt after crazy stunt sent my mind into a state of desire to run away and join the circus. While nearly everything was exciting, these acts in particular were just incredible:
-The Long Twins, who were essentially contortionists squeezing themselves through tubes while simultaneously balancing on each other and performing other crazy acrobatics.
-David Martins on the Wheel of Wonder. When he started jump-roping on the outside of a giant rotating circle, I was 100% sure he was going to fall. But of course, he did not.
-Picaso Jr., who at one point was juggling four yellow ping-pong balls with just his mouth. He also sent boomerang frisbees all over the tent, which returned back to him with ease.

We all learn something new every day, and today I learned that three year-olds and sixteen-year-olds alike can very much enjoy a day at the circus! Take a Saturday before January 18th and go see it with your friends in New York City (or another location). You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wish you were a trapeze artist.

What were some of your favorite acts that you’ve seen in the past at the circus?




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