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Canada, eh? (Part 2) Meeting the Locals

- Alex

(Click here for the first installment of our trip to Canada last summer.)

As they say, “when in Canada, do as the Canadians do, eh?”. Well, that’s exactly what my friend Vienna and I did on our trip to Canada. Somewhere around the middle of our day in Saint John, we were sitting on a dock, taking pictures, and looking at the scenery when a group of kids around our age came, and complimented us on our animal ear hats that we had bought earlier that day. After they walked to a lower level of the dock, we contemplated asking them if they were Canadian, seeing as Vienna has some strange obsession with Canadians. Somehow, we were able to strike up a conversation with them.
We were mutually amazed by each other’s nationality, which made conversation really easy. They asked us questions about America, which was the strangest experience ever, and we asked them about Degrassi and ketchup flavored potato chips. Also, they took us on a tour of the mall and showed us one of the greatest Canadian things ever, claiming that we couldn’t leave Canada without “smelling Tim Horton’s” which is their equivalent of Starbucks, only a million times better. The best part about talking to the locals was finding out lots of little things we wouldn’t have known otherwise, like what channel Muchmusic is (30), and where the “bad side of town” is located. And seriously, they told us about Tim Hortons…that’s really all they had to do, Tim Horton’s is delicious, seriously, next time you’re in Canada…make it a priority.
All in all, meeting the locals was really something I’m glad we did. We are facebook friends with them now, and I hope we keep in touch, but even if we don’t, meeting them made that day so much better and more personal.



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