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Black Friday Shopping

- Elaine

The annoying ring of a cellphone alarm. The startling sting of early-morning chill. The darkness of 5 am EST. It’s called Black Friday in Northeastern Jersey, kids.

One of the best days of the year to shop, Black Friday should be thoroughly taken advantage of. If not for the amazing deals, then for the unique experience! I believe electronics and the like have massive deals that have people lining up at doors for hours, but even if you’re not looking for a flat screen tv or a new digital camera, Black Friday is the day for you.

I went last year, and Circuit City was giving away free cameras to the first few hundred people. We thought we’d be in that category, but upon arriving at about 5 am, we couldn’t find a parking spot. IT WAS 5 AM and the PARKING LOT WAS FULL. People parked on the grassy strips seperating the highway from the parking lot. Illegal. crazy. and totally worth it.
Anyway, this year, I went to the mall around 630, and although I wasn’t there for Old Navy’s 3 am opening (ridiculous), I did thoroughly enjoy myself. Boots for 12 bucks? mmmhmmm.

Now, I’ve spoken to Alex, and she has claimed that she doesn’t believe in the get-up-at-5 to shop thing, but even if you don’t get anything, it’s quite an experience. It’s fun to wake up so early and go to the mall, because the buzz of the inside activity makes it seem as though it’s 5 in the afternoon, but then you step outside and realize the sun only rose an hour ago. This year, I was sitting in the food court at 830 am, starving, and craving some cinnabon when I saw a couple at Popeyes. It seemed normal, until I looked at my watch. 8 30 IN THE MORNING. What’s even more weird is that I went home and started craving burritos….
You may not see the travel aspect in all of this, but let me tell you: I had to travel a whole fifteen minutes to get to the mall. And it was a fun day with my friends, even though I didn’t buy much. And apparently Hye Sung went all the way to NY to shop early. (Care to explain, Hye sung? ) I’m sure he will agree: Black Friday shopping is definitely worth it. Get up early. Face the crowds (which actually aren’t too shabby in some malls). Shop. till. you. drop.

Have any of you gone somewhere to shop on Black Friday?



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