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Take a Step Back into the Past of Historic Kingston, Ontario

- Meghan

Located right on Lake Ontario, a 10 minute drive from downtown Kingston, Ontario, stands Fort Henry. The original Fort Henry was an old British fort built during the War of 1812 that bears no resemblance to the Fort Henry that stands there now. The Fort Henry that is there today was built between 1832 and 1837 in order to defend the intersection of the Rideau Canal, Saint Lawrence River and Lake Ontario. Fort Henry is now a National Historic Site.

Walking through the front gates is like stepping back in time. Local university students dress up as characters from the time the fort was in use. They act and talk as if they were actually living in 1812 Canada. Fort Henry offers many activities to teach guests about the history of the fort. There are numerous tours and events such as Sunset Ceremonies, schoolroom lessons, story telling, and my favorite, the haunted tour. I went on this tour a few summers ago and was very impressed by it. All of the lights are turned off at the fort and you are guided by just the light of a lantern! Fort Henry is said to be quite haunted even though it never was involved in any fighting. Fort Henry is an amazing piece of history and should definitely be on your list of places to see in Southern Ontario!



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