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Beaver Creek

- Callie

I am sad to say it is winter already. On the bright side, ski-season has begun. My brother and I have come a long way from our days on the bunny-hill, and now we have an annual family ski vacation.

To kick off the season, I’m blogging about my family’s favorite ski trip – Beaver Creek, Colorado.

What made Beaver Creek so great?

  • The slopes had a wonderful mix of beginner, intermediate, and expert trails. So, it doesn’t matter if you are great at skiing or not, you can still enjoy it.
  • There were three main parts of the mountain and each had a little village at the bottom. There is Beaver Creek, Bachelor Gulch, and Arrowhead. The trails at each part of the mountain were a little different (my favorite were the trails at Bachelor Gulch).
  • There was a place at the bottom of each part of the mountain to take a break, warm up, eat, and get hot chocolate.
  • It’s easy to get from one part of the mountain to the other. To clarify things, it is all one big mountain, just different main sections. There is one easy trail that can’t take you to all 3 parts and a different one to take you back.
  • Each has a hotel at the bottom of it. We stayed at the hotel at Beaver Creek Village. There is a fancy-pants Ritz Carlton Resort at the bottom of Bachelor Gulch if any one’s interested.
  • Beaver Creek Village is an actual ski-village with restaurants and shops. It lights up at night.
  • The mountain is so big that there were so many trails to try out. (You need a few days if you want to ski the majority of the mountain. We stayed for 5 days and it was a perfect amount of time).
  • There are outdoor pools that are like huge jacuzzis so you can swim in the freezing weather.
  • There are normal ski slopes, ones with “moguls” (the bumps), tree-skiing, terrain parks, and lots of little jumps and fun things between trees that other skiers make.
  • We coincidentally saw Alex’s Dad. I have no idea how that happened.

Funny Story: One day while we were skiing at Beaver Creek — I guess we were skiing a little slow — and my Dad passes my brother and me and says, “What’s the matter, ladies?” and continues to speed down the mountain. My Dad then wipes out and these two 8 year old girls ski up to him and say in their small 8 year old voices, “Are you okay, Mister?” Okay, maybe it’s not so funny when it’s written down, but it was pretty funny for all my Dad’s showing off!

All in all, it was a great ski trip. If you and your family are pro-skiers or beginners, you’ll love Beaver Creek. 

I have a question for anyone who has skied before. When you are skiing, do you have a song in your head? I always do but no one else in my family does! I mean, what else can they have going on in their head? Silence?




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