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New Year’s Eve Around the World

- Alex

Is the New York City New Year’s Eve celebration not exciting enough for all of you world travelers out there? Don’t worry, there are plenty of other exciting parties around the globe that might peak your interest.

For all of you United States citizens, have you ever thought about how countries like Australia and Japan experience the New Year before us? Well, Sydney Australia prides itself as being the “first and the finest” and celebrates in style. (Due to the time change, they celebrate the new year while it’s still the old year for those of us in the U.S.) The city focuses its attention on the harbor and Harbor Bridge, where planes fly by and ships sail. At midnight, the entire area is illuminated with crazy amounts of fireworks. For more information check out their website.

In Cape Town, South Africa, “second is the best”. The city celebrates the New Year on January 2nd. There is a minstrel carnival, many parades, music, dancing, and food galore starting on December 30th. For more information go to

In Edinburgh, Scotland, the New Year is celebrated by a four-day festival called Hogmanay. Two days before New Year’s Eve, a torchlight procession is held throughout the city. On the actual New Year’s Eve, local and well-known bands belt it out all night long until the clock strikes 12. For more information go to

If you’re looking to stay in the western hemisphere, Rio de Janeiro has a poppin’ beach party. The Brazilian locals deck themselves in traditional white garb and dance up and down Copacabana Beach until the fireworks explode overhead.

Of course, other U.S. cities have fun parties on the night of the 31st. New Orleans and Las Vegas are known for their own quirky celebrations. Instead of the ball dropping in Times Square, In New Orleans, they drop a giant gumbo pot from a brewery. Las Vegas is more lit up than ever with fireworks and lots of famous musical and entertaining performers.

For additional celebrations you can check out HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!




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