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French-Canadian Fries

- Hye Sung

I made a 4-day trip to our great northern neighbor, Canada, and got friendly with the French-speaking province of Québec. Québec prides themselves in two things: their hockey (Montreal Canadiens for the win) and the delicious Québécois dish known as Poutine.

I heard about Poutine years ago when a few of my Montreal friends were explaining their
love for the dish. When the a description of Poutine first hit my ears, I thought they were talking about the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. They then talked about the ingredients of Poutine, and realized that I was being silly.Poutine is french fries with gravy and fresh mozzarella curds. Odd? I thought the same. I was actually frightened of the dish and was pressured into eating it. I took a bite from my friend’s plate and… I kind of liked it. I actually really liked, I mean… I loved it, but I told them how gross I thought it was beforehand and I felt embarrassed that I was loving this odd dish.

Québec has poutine served in most restaurants. The people of the Québec love it and believe it to be their national dish. A friend showed me a Youtube video a Québécois rapping in French about the divine poutine (watch here). Sadly, America knows little about poutine. It is mainly served near the Canadian border, but I was surprised to find out that it is being served in my very own town at the local Nutley Diner. Most in New Jersey who eat these “disco fries” (the name Jersey folk give to Poutine) know little about the French-Canadian identity this food holds, but what can you do. It is delicious no matter what name it holds.




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