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New Year, New Beginings

- Alexis

Last week, my friend’s mom took us to New York City to see a Nick Jonas and the Administration concert at the Beacon Theater. On Thursday night we left for the city and went to dinner when we got there. Although it was still early, we took a taxi to the Beacon Theatre were we waited outside for about an hour in the freezing weather. We were 10th in line and the girls standing in front of us were telling us about how they met Nick Jonas earlier. They had been waiting there since 3:15; Nick was having a film shoot there so they got to meet him and get his autograph.

After standing in the cold, they finally let us in the theatre. Everybody there was screaming “we want Nick!” over and over again. Getting into the main lobby was insanely hectic. I could barely move and more people were still crowding in. Exactly at 7:30 they opened the doors so people could get to their seats. Then at 8 o’clock, Diane Birch, the opening act, came out and sang about five songs from her new album Bible Belt. By then, the crowd was getting anxious and as the lights dimmed, thousands of screams flooded the theatre.

The lights were still off but I could still see Nick and his band walk on stage, nothing fancy. He opened with a few songs from his new album, but then sang a cover of Inseparable, a song from the Jonas Brothers self tilted album. Later on, he went to his piano and started singing Black Keys which led into A Little Bit Longer, a song about his diabetes. Usually when he plays that song, he gives a touching speech about how he wasn’t going to give up and let his diabetes slow him down. But this time, he switched things up and talked about the new year. He came up with a motto for this year which is: “2010, The Year of No Fear and New Year, New Beginnings.”

By the end of the concert I had almost lost my voice from screaming. The lights went off and he went off stage but the crowd still kept cheering. Nick and his band walked out again and started playing his single “Who I Am”. After the song was over, I was in such a good mood but we had to rush out of the door because we knew there would be traffic. As we got outside, there was a crowd of people waiting near the side door with their cameras ready. We assumed that they were waiting for Nick so we waited too — bad idea. So many more people came and started pushing in to get a spot. On top of all this, we waited forty-five minutes in the freezing cold for absolutely nothing.

Otherwise, it was really fun experience. New York City is a great place to catch some of your favorite musicians live and in concert!




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