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What Did The Mama Buffalo Say to Her Son When He Went off To College? "Bison."

- Justine

For those of you who live in cities or suburbs, don’t you get tired of squirrels and finches? Want to see more wildlife than the raccoon that eats your garbage? It might be far away, but Yellowstone National Park is one of the most beautiful parks for observing wild animals.

When my family stopped their on our cross-country trip, one of our first encounters with wildlife was having to stop the car to allow two bison to meander down the road. They might look like beasts, but they are actually so gentle and so hilarious to watch. They nod their heads as they walk, and they have no inhibitions about coming right up to your car and giving your family a googly-eyed gaze. They quickly became my favorite aspect of Yellowstone– they were everywhere!

We also saw a lot of elk. Similar to the daddy deer in Bambi, they just sort of stand majestically in the distance and stare you down. They’re not nearly as social as the bison, but it’s cool to see how fast they leap away when you take a step towards them.

When we were driving through later that night, we saw a wolf sprint across the street right before our blaring headlights. Although the moment passed quickly, it was sooooo awesome to see a wolf that wasn’t in a cage at the zoo. If we had stayed any longer, I’m sure we would have seen more wolves– maybe even a mountain lion.

The Northern Range at Yellowstone totals 540 square miles and contains all of the wildlife mentioned above, plus bears, foxes, coyotes, bighorn sheep, pronghorns, moose, and otters. If you’re only there for one or two days, you’ll see a lot of diverse fauna as you walk around to see the geysers, but if you’re planning on staying in the area longer, you should definitely sign up for a touring package offered by Xanterra Parks & Resorts. “Trail of the Wolf,” a winter season package, includes guided snowmobiling, a tour of the Lamar Valley, ice skating, and many opportunities to see more wildlife. If you’re into hiking, you should purchase the “Spring Wolf and Bear Discovery” package, where you take sunrise hikes within the Northern Range and learn about all the animals you see. You can also plan custom tours to pick and choose what you want to see. Click here for more information.

I highly recommend you pull a Pocahantas and paint with all the colors of the wind at Yellowstone. You don’t realize how naturally beautiful this country and its wildlife are until you’ve been.




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