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More to Do in Washington DC?!

- Meghan

Berlin Wall

What better way to start off the new year and celebrate my birthday than a trip to Washington DC?! Just when I thought I had experienced everything worthwhile seeing in DC, I found several more “must sees!” After an invigorating yoga class on Saturday morning at Yoga Chai my sister brought me to her favorite café, Tryst,  located in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of DC. My waffle with strawberries was delicious and everyone else seemed to enjoy their various choices as well. The cool thing about Tryst though, is that it transitions from a coffeehouse to a lounge and finally to a bar as the evening goes on. You also have the choice of sitting at a table by yourself, or share one of the larger community tables or couches with other Tryst customers. It’s a great place to meet new people and has three different environments to suit everyone’s taste. Definitely make Tryst one of your stops if you’re in the DC area!

On Sunday, I was able to experience two more DC museums, the Newseum and the National Building Museum. I had walked past the Newseum many times but never went in mostly due to the fact that it is not part of the Smithsonians so it isn’t free. Thank goodness my sister found 3 free tickets on her community board in her apartment complex or I never would have gotten to see how worth a trip to the Newseum was! Out front they have the front pages of newspapers from all 50 states and many other countries around the world which are changed everyday. We were there shortly after the earthquake in Haiti occurred so many, if not all, of the front pages had to do with that. It was very interesting to see the amount of censoring each country did. All of the U.S. papers had mostly photos of the relief effort and the survivors but other countries had some very graphic, emotionally moving photographs would never be seen in a U.S. newspaper. Inside the Newseum was even more spectacular with its 14 galleries and 15 theaters, it wouldn’t be possible to see everything in one day. A few highlights we saw were a movie on the history of the first amendment, actual pieces of the Berlin wall and an old news truck complete with a huge satellite on the back of it. There was also an exhibit of Sports Illustrated photographs and a 4-D Time Travel Adventure movie. Check out this short video clip for an overview of what else the Newseum has to offer. Even though the Newseum is not among the free museums in DC, I highly recommend going to check it out, I would definitely go back again!

I didn’t get to see many of the Building Museums exhibits but we had lunch in the Great Hall and that was enough fun for me to want to go back! The Building Museum, originally the U.S. Pension Bureau, is a national museum so it was free admission. The Great Hall is a huge room with beautiful architecture containing a café, the gift shop and a large area for kids of all ages to run around and play with jumbo sized blocks and legos. If you have younger siblings the National Building Museum would be a good stop.

Georgetown Cupcakes

The last stop of the weekend, and quite possibly my favorite(!), was Georgetown Cupcake. I had heard a lot about these decedent little cupcakes and had even seen people line up down the street waiting to get one on a 90 degree day but I had yet to try one for myself. We got a nice variety consisting of mint chocolate, toasted marshmallow, red velvet, coconut and classic vanilla to name a few. My favorite was the mint chocolate, it never occurred to me to make that a cupcake flavor! I would definitely say this was my best birthday yet, and the first time I spent a birthday away from home.

Have you ever celebrated a birthday on vacation?




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