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- Alex

Are you a fan of Is our logo your screensaver? Do you tell EVERYONE you know about TTT? Do you go to sleep at night with dreams of TTT? Did you name your new dog Teentraveltalk?

If so, then we have something exciting in store for you. And if you’re not that freaky, you might enjoy this too.

Teentraveltalk is starting a monthly contest involving articles from you people, yes you, who follow our blog.  If you are itching to talk about some traveling you’ve done with your family, you can submit an article once a month to with the title “Reader Submission” as the subject. 

Ok, here are the rules.

1) Make it appropriate, kids. No obscenity–it’s for the weak.

2) Tell your parents about it. Parents LOVE this kind of stuff. I’m sure your mom or dad would love to have their writing published on a website.

3) Make it exciting! Tell a funny story, include hilarious pictures, anything! Creativity most definetly counts. The most creative and well-written article will be chosen at the end of the month and posted on the website (with your first name and state/country).

Ok, TTT fanatics. It’s your time to show us “blogging folk” what’s up. Do I smell a challenge? Yes. Yes I do.




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