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Tips for Traveling via Airplane

- Callie

I enjoyed writing my last blog “What To Do During Long Car Rides”, so now I’m writing this. This is my advice for dealing with the airport, the airplane, and the brother sitting next to you for hours.

I hate taking off my shoes. I especially hate it when I have to put them right back on. Therefore, I hate taking my shoes off going through airport security. If you share the same gripe…
My advice: Wear shoes without a back so you can slip them off and on. My mom doesn’t let me wear flip flops for fear of germs, so what I do is step down on the back of my sneakers so they become backless.

Most people seem to have a problem with airline food. If you do…
My advice: Stick to the soda, water, peanuts, and twix bars. Or bring your own snacks from home in a carry on bag, or buy something to eat at one of the numerous airport eateries.

If you’re missing a day or more of school to go on vacation, you’re probably going to have homework. The good thing is the plane ride gives you time to get homework done so you don’t have to miss out on the vacation to read “The Scarlet Letter” and do algebra in your hotel room. I’ve noticed that parents don’t realize that the day before a break is the day all the tests are and the papers are due. They say “you’re just missing the day before a break! You can’t be missing anything important!” Wrong. Everything important happens on that day.
My advice: plan ahead. Make sure you give yourself enough time to get everything you need to get done during the length of time the plane ride. This is especially important when you miss the last day of school before a break to go to your uncle’s wedding in Barbados and have an American Romanticism Paper and a Socialism vs. Capitalism paper due on the day you’re missing so you have to hand in the American Transcendentalism paper before you leave and have to do the entire Social Studies paper on the plane ride because you have to email it to your teacher when you get to the hotel, while your cousin is seated next to you entreating you to stop working and talk to him!
What I am saying is make sure you get everything ok’d with your teachers ahead of time and give yourself enough time to get your work done.

Don’t expect those airplane music channels to be any good. Most of you probably have iPods. Bring it, you’ll probably want it for the airplane and while you’re on vacation.
My advice: If you have a CD player and not a iPod or MP3, make sure you bring more than one CD. I have a CD player which I love, but last trip, I made the mistake of only bringing one CD – Nirvana: Best of the Box Set. I thought it was a smart decision because it has so many songs on it, but for the first time of my life, after five straight hours of the same CD over and over, I wanted to hear any voice other than Kurt Cobain’s. So I listened to my cousin’s iPod for 5 minutes, missed Kurt, and went back. But I learned a lesson, none the less. Bring more than one CD.
Another lesson: If you bring more than 1 CD, make sure you have something safe to keep them in. Once I brought many and the cases cracked. If you rather entertain yourself with electronics than with music, heck, bring a gameboy (if it still works from the 90s).

If you and your family members have preferences for window, isle, or middle seats, work it out so everyone is happy. My brother and I both like the window seat, so what we do is I get the seat on the way there because I like seeing New York as we take off, and he gets it on the way back because he has no preference.

Make sure you don’t go to the bathroom when the attendants are coming through with their food/drink carts. It will take for forever to get back to your seat.

Last piece of advice:
If you’re not doing homework the whole time, talk to you brother or cousin or whatever family member you’re sitting next to. You’ll have more fun talking to them than watching Ice Age III on a small screen on the back of someone else’s chair.




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