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Busch Gardens – Tampa Bay

- Caroline

Amusement parks: two words that just scream fun, mostly because most of us can imagine a fast, thrilling, scary, or spinning ride that has the wind blowing in our hair and gets us screaming at the top of our lungs!

Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida is no exception.  Five large roller coasters were spread throughout the park which gave me enough time to get my blood flowing back to normal before I hopped on another fast moving ton of steel.  My favorite coaster was the Kumba, which is the favorite by many as it has been consistently voted one of the top roller coasters around the world by enthusiasts. Check out the pictures I found online :)

Every Busch Gardens in the country has a different theme to it; in Tampa Bay the park has an African presence to it.  All of the rides have African names like Kumba, SheiKra, Gwazi, and Montu.  But the park gets more creative than cleaver names — it has have live animals in the park. This includes 500 tropical birds that can be viewed in the Bird Garden, including flamingos, my favorite, which I caught on camera.

While walking through the safari and viewing some bigger animals like lions, hyenas, lemurs, giraffes, crocodiles and elephants, I forgot that I was about to get in line for SheiKra, another tall coaster that stops for 4 seconds before it goes down the first hill. That’s the other picture above.

The day seemed like we had traveled to an amusement park in Africa between the animals that caught our eye and the rides that caught our breath! A perfect day trip while visiting Florida :)




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