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Win an iPod in the Big Apple!

- Elaine

For those of you who haven’t heard, Appleton is the man for all of your New York City travels. A nice, outgoing guy, Appleton is also in charge of a new contest that could put you in charge of a brand new Apple iPod.
I know you are all eager to join, so check out for more information and official contest rules.
The point of it is that you ( as long as you are under 18) and your parents stay at one of five Apple Core hotels throughout Manhattan, and upon entry you receive a small stuffed toy appropriately named Appleton.

You then take this Appleton on all of your adventures around the glorious New York City, and capture each breath-taking moment with your camera. Once you’re journey is over, upload your pictures onto the website mentioned above, and sit back and wait until February 28th to hear your name called. That’s right, by just submitting a photo, you are put into the contest to win one of five new apple iPod Shuffles.
Hey, it’s too good of an offer to pass up, so take advantage of this!



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