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Thinking of the Future on a Beautiful Snow Day!

- Meghan

My snowy backyard

Well, northern New Jersey has been hit! After a false alarm this past weekend and seeing pictures of Washington DC and Virginia being overwhelmed with snow, it is now coming down hard in NJ. I love snow days. Curling up with a good book and sipping hot chocolate is my idea of a perfect day. I’m not a fan of shoveling out the car or having to brave the dirty, slushy after-effects of a big snow fall, though. I used to go sledding when I was little, ice skating on the pond in my back yard and I even gave skiing a try when I signed up with my town, taking a trip to Shawnee Ski Resort in Pennsylvania every Friday. I don’t like to be cold. I don’t mind the idea of snow and cold weather but if I am not fully equipped with a sweater, coat, gloves, scarf and a hat, I am not a happy camper!

Every time I tell someone that my plan for next year is to go to Queen’s University in Canada, they seem shocked and say, “You know it’s cold up there, right?” My response is always the same, “It’s cold here too!” No, I will not be living in an igloo come next September. I think what misleads people is that after it snows it doesn’t melt right away like it does here on the east coast. It stays consistently cold up there so every time there is another snowfall it just piles up on the last week’s precipitation.

Yes, I do realize it will be colder for longer next winter for me, but I will just have to find winter activities that I do enjoy. I can ice skate on Lake Ontario and maybe even take a trip to Wolfe Island where if it freezes one can skate from one side of the island to the other on a canal that runs right through. I’ll have to relearn how to ski, but I don’t think that will be too difficult. Moving to a whole new place will be an adventure, I’ll just adapt to the new daily routines of having to bundle up from November until April!

With winter breaks coming up, what do you all have planned? Ski trips? Staycations? Maybe a trip to warmer weather?! Any ideas of fun winter activities are welcome!

Stay tuned for my next adventure: Westminster Choir Tour 2010!

Destination: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Anderson, Indiana and Chicago, Illinois!




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