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Singer Island

- Liz

Hi you guys. I am Liz and I am a new blog member.  I am from New York, but my favorite place to relax in is Singer Island, Florida.  There is everything a girl needs in a 5 mile radius.

Singer Island is a 2 mile long island with a beach everywhere you turn.  The best hotel to stay in is the Singer Island Resort.  You can feel refreshed and relaxed when you spend time on the beach.  Another way to unwind in Florida is by going to my favorite nail spa called the Venetian Nails, which is a couple miles from Singer Island.  You’ll need to get both a manicure and a pedicure since they do an amazing job! You can spend up to 3 hours there and it feels like only minutes.

Last, but certainly not least, the best place to go for dinner while staying in Singer Island is a restaurant called Spoto’s Oyster Bar.  It is right outside Singer Island, but it is very close.  If you love seafood (like I do) then this is the best restaurant to go to .  They are fun and friendly with the most amazing food.




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