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5 Ways to Make Memories on Your Next Trip

- Justine


It’s an established fact that vacations go by too quickly– time flies when you’re having fun. One week at the beach feels more like one minute, and even a month in a foreign country can start to fade from your memory as you plunge back into normal life. Unfortunately, there’s no rewind button. That trip home is inevitable.

On the bright side, there are several ways to relive and remember a great trip. Try these tips for continued relaxation and excitement long after you finish unpacking:

1. Keep a Journal
I kept a day-to-day journal when I went on a Mississippi River cruise and filled it with the day’s events, postcards, and assorted tchotchkes like brochures, tickets, and corn kernels. The journal now sits on my shelf and whenever I look through it, I can’t help but smile as I remember how fun that trip was.
Your journal doesn’t have to be long, autobiographical, or even well written. Entries such as “swam in the pond, water freezing! cookies and cream ice cream most delicious on planet” will help you remember what happened that day, and flipping through old vacation journals is like stepping through a portal and going on vacation all over again.

2. Take Pictures
Almost better than keeping a journal. Sometimes, a five-page journal entry can be summed up in one good snapshot. Make sure you take a lot of pictures of people and places, but don’t shy away from capturing the more subtle things you enjoyed about your trip, like dunes or the boardwalk all lit-up at night. Frame the best pictures and keep them in your room, or tape a couple in your school locker. Photos summon great memories.

3. Listen to Music
This seems like a strange tip, but trust me, it totally works. I listened to a couple of specific albums during the time I spent in France, and now my mind associates them with everything I saw and did there. In September, when I was cleaning my room and listening to my iTunes library, one of the songs that I used to listen to while biking around the lake in Divonnes-les-Bains came on. All of a sudden, I could taste the chocolate croissants I had for breakfast, perfectly envision the sun rising over the Alps, and remember the most minute details of my trip, from the trees to the smell of the sea in Damgan. Something about listening to the same music unleashed my entire month of July from the back of my mind. I definitely recommend bringing a walkman or mp3 player to your next vacation.

4. Buy (or Find!) a Souvenir
“Souvenir” is the French word for memory, and that’s not a coincidence. Sometimes, buying little magnets or t-shirts help transfer a part of your trip into your everyday life. Even better, however, are things you found or acquired during that trip. Maybe you won a silly prize for participating in some activity on a cruise? Save it! Perhaps you picked up the most perfect seashell while visiting the shore? Make it into a necklace, and wear it when you miss the summer.

5. Try Something New!
Finally, experiencing your first something is an incredible way to remember a trip. That way, you’ll always remember that ski lodge as the first place you made it all the way down the hill without falling, or that resort in Mexico where you first tried snorkeling. By letting go of inhibitions and trying new things on a vacation, you forever document that place as significant.




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