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New Orleans Jazz Festival and Po Boys

- Caroline

Many know about the Mardi Gras celebration in the “who dat” nation being the big excitement of the year. But New Orleans always has something fun to celebrate in the city to attract all sorts of people any time of year.  New Orleans’ Jazz Festival, which I was fortunate enough to visit this past year, involved day long jazz music, bands, dancing, and food all outdoors along the water front. Check out the picture of one of the bands.

Walking throughout the festival, we enjoyed the different jazz bands, while trying to find a good spot to eat lunch.  The whole place was packed with hundreds of people sitting outside in the bright sunshine listening to the different jazz bands and while enjoying their Po-boy sandwiches.  Po-boys are the most famous sandwich in New Orleans made with French Bread about the size of a regular sub sandwich.  Filled inside is usually some type of sea food ranging from catfish to crawfish, or most often, shrimp.  Po-boys are the must eat in New Orleans and are a simple meal that can be found everywhere.

After we bought our Po-boys from one of the many vendors we found a spot on the grass where we could park and listen to more of the jazz bands rock out.  The joy of the jazz rhythm fills your head and makes you tap your toe along.  Before you know it you’re up off your seat jumping and spinning around in excitement, it’s so much fun to be around.  The Jazz Festival only lasts about a week, but the memories of the smooth jazz songs and bands stays with you forever! Below are some more pictures I took.




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