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Seattle Washington. What a beauty

- Christine

Seattle, Washington is known for the constant rain which is seen by its residents. While visiting in 2008 for four days I came to realize that not a single day was there a single cloud in the sky. It was actually rather chilly in the middle of the summer around the end of July.

While visiting Seattle I noticed that every block consisted of at least on Starbucks Coffee Shop. Starbucks was first originated in Seattle and the original store still remains in Pikes Place. Anywhere that you go you may think that Starbucks is the best coffee you can have. While at the Pikes Place Starbucks, you can truly taste how delicious their coffee is. This is possibly because you have the mindset of being at the original one. Although this is the busiest Starbucks you may see it’s an experience you can only experience once, unless you are a local.

Another great place to visit while in Seattle is the space needle. It is from the top that you are able to see with your very own eyes just how beautiful the city is and all it has to offer. Just blocks from the Space Needle, one may also take the Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour, which is a tour of the old Seattle which was buried after such a massive fire, stretching approximately twenty-five blocks.




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