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TTT chats with teen celebrity Christine Staub

- Elaine

Meet Christine Staub: at 5’10”, and with long, blond hair and an energetic personality, this sixteen year old is already making a name for herself in the modeling world. That’s right: she’s only a sophomore in high school and she’s already working the runways of New York City’s fashion scene, particularly as the new face of Tommy Hilfiger. Although Christine — the daughter of “Real Housewives of N.J.” celebrity Danielle Staub and the sister of Jillian (see TTT’s interview with Jillian: —  is busy with school and modeling, she took some time to talk to TTT about her travel preferences and about how her life differs from the ordinary teen’s.

Christine has been on a number of family vacations throughout her early childhood, and although she expanded on each of them, it seems she always came back to her favorite one: the trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands. She finds the islands to be, “so chill,” and shared quite a few memorable experiences from her trips.  Christine once took some type of boating course in St. Thomas, and in the process her instructor somehow fell off the boat! This of course prompted fearful tears as eleven year old Christine tried to turn the boat around and save her instructor from the waters of the Caribbean. Mission accomplished! Christine now looks back on her memories with a smile, although it must have been quite traumatizing at the moment.

Christine Staub and Elaine

Aside from the past, Christine also talked a lot about her future. Although only sixteen years old, she has big plans and a strong enough will to make them happen. She studies and works hard in school and at home to keep her grades in a happy range, and when she isn’t modeling or posing for photo shoots, she’s studying.

“I leave school early to go to New York City everyday to model, and then I come home, drink a few red bulls and study for school,” she said. Although not the easiest routine to follow, Christine is focused on maintaining her grades and simultaneously improving her modeling: “I hope to hit it good this fashion week [in NYC] and get to other shows around the world.”

When Christine and her busy family do finally find time away from work, school, and career building, they like to take family trips together. Christine regrets that her family is sometimes too busy to travel as much as she’d like, but notes that when they do she always has fun.  She finds that she is more of the adventurous traveler, for although she likes to relax, she always wants to learn and explore during vacations instead of just lying on a beach for a week.  However, it seems that her dream travel spots don’t have many beaches; Christine said that if she could travel anywhere in the world, she would love to travel to Switzerland, Ireland, and possibly New Zealand. She finds the openness of these countries appealing, because she’s always working and running around in the endless hustle of New York City.

Although extraordinary in comparison to most sixteen year olds, Christine is still like most kids her age: she highly values her cell phone, she worries about grades, and she hopes to attend a college she likes in or around “The City.” What may set her apart, though (besides the up-and-coming supermodel thing) are Christine’s rather wise words of wisdom, aimed to all aspiring adolescents out there: “Keep your priorities straight, and don’t always make your dreams your focus, because you need stability in all the other aspects of your life.”

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