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Calling All Hardcore Travelers

- Justine

So you’ve been to the Bahamas, big deal. Maybe you’ve even been to Paris, or Madrid, or Tokyo. How exciting. How… well, tame.

Do you want to go on a REAL adventure, a place where there aren’t ten McDonald’s in the vicinity, valet parking, or any natives at all? A place that has some of the most gorgeous views of untouched wilderness on the planet, views that you have to bundle up to see? Have you guessed which place I’m talking about yet? That’s right, it’s Antarctica.

Right now, there are rooms left on a December 2010-January 2011 cruise to Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falkand Islands, and an opportunity like this doesn’t roll around too often. In 20 days, you get to experience Argentina, spend time with penguins in the Falkand Islands, cruise the ocean, follow historic routes, explore the Antarctic Peninsula, and much more.

If you ever want to call yourself a true traveler, consider going there this coming winter, and experience the natural beauty of our planet that only a miniscule fraction of its inhabitants have seen. For more information, click here!




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