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Disney World: Happiest Place On Earth

- Christine

Disney World, located in Orlando, Florida is known by many as the happiest place on earth and that is truly the perfect words to describe it. As a little kid and even as a grown up, many dream of being able to visit such a magical place full of fun and suprises. Since I live in southern Florida, I’ve been lucky enought to visit Disney World more than once.

As a teen, I really like going to  MGM for a thrilling rockin roller coaster with a speedy take-off and the tower of terror that drops you a few stories — makes me scream every time!

In Epcot, one of my favorite things to do is experiencing different cultures while walking through the park. Fast Track in my opinion is a must ride while in Epcot. The newest ride of them all is Mount Everest in Animal Kindgom. It’s worth the wait in line!

At night there is a fascinating firework show as well as parade. Whether it is just for a weekend or for an entire week, when in Florida this is a place that should definitely be visited with family and friends. The experience is unforgettable and leaves me wanting more each and every time. Even though in many ways I’ve outgrown a lot of things I did as a kid, I never will outgrow going to Disney World.    




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