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Ride Warrior on Fourth of July

- Caroline

Every year, Fourth of July marks a half way point in the summer between Memorial Day and Labor Day. It’s a little depressing to think we’re that much closer to going back to school, which is why I try to focus on the exciting summer activities involved. And what better summer activities than grilling, beach, pool, and roller coasters?

Yes, this year to celebrate Independence Day my family and I traveled a little over an hour to Cedar Point for the weekend. We stayed in Lighthouse point, one of the individual cabins of Cedar Point’s resorts with a view of Lake Erie and The Mean Streak – one of Cedar Point’s tallest and longest wooden coasters in the park.

The weekend started out with hanging out on the beach — which was in walking distance since it’s on a peninsula — swimming in the outdoor pools and eating dinner at TGIFridays.  It was cool to see the rides in constant motion while lying by the water on the sand. It got us psyched to enter the park the next morning!  Plus there is an area on the beach where we rented jet skis for a half hour and ‘coasted’ along Lake Erie’s open water.

One of the nice perks about staying at the resort is the ability to enter the park an hour earlier than the general public, when only a couple of the bigger rides are open.  Early in the morning we rode Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster, waiting only about fifteen minutes each, before the park was filled with crowds of lines that were over an hours wait.  I’m not even a morning person, but after you fly down a 300 foot hill at 90 mph you are ready to conquer your day!

When we needed a break from coaster riding we walked back to our cabin, grabbed a bite to eat, cooked our own food on the grill that was placed next to the cabin, changed our clothes so we were comfortable once the sun goes down, and headed back to the park once we were ready.  Night riding, in my opinion, is more enjoyable because the cooler air hits your face and the evening air blows through your hair.  Plus you don’t have to squint when you’re traveling up the hills staring at the sun.  The other fun thing to look forward to at night is the Fourth of July fireworks display show. There are multiple areas in the park that afford great views.  My parents watched the fireworks on the beach while my sister and I watched inside the park where we could hear music that played along. We ended our night the same way we started, flying on the Millennium Force as our last ride. We DID have to live up to our Ride Warrior names, didn’t we? 

What other rides have you been on at Cedar Point? How were they?




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