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Colleging in Vermont, Part I.

- Justine

Green mountains!

Last week, I headed up to the Vermont with my grandparents to see where my grandpa grew up and to look at Middlebury College! Our three-day excursion in the Green Mountain State was like spending time in a giant summer foliage diorama, with the added bonus of covered bridges and maple sugar products everywhere you turn. The beauty of the state rivaled the Jura mountains in France and I had a great time chilling with my grandparents and taking some college tours!

We stayed at a Red Roof Inn in Rutland, but before stopping we drove out to Hanover, NH to look at Dartmouth’s pretty campus and also stopped in Woodstock, VT. Woodstock was a cute little town with a nice inn and a green. The morning after arriving we went to the 9:00 information session at Middlebury.

The faculty member that talked to us described Middlebury as a “challenging but invigorating” environment that gives you a sense that you can contribute to your chosen field. She said that it has particularly strong programs in foreign languages and environmental studies, and gave lots of helpful pointers about applying for financial aid. After the session, a student took us on the campus tour. I found that we walked slowly enough for me to be able to take copious notes, but the tour didn’t drag on and was a fabulous student account of all the aspects of life at Middlebury. I would definitely plan a trip up to Vermont this summer if it sounds like Middlebury could interest you!

If you take the morning tour and are looking for a light lunch afterwards, there was a great place in the center of town on Merchants Row called Carol’s Hungry Mind Café & Coffee House. They had tasty bagels, paninis, hummus and pita, and excellent chocolate milk.

After that, we drove to Stowe, where we took a ride in a cable car up to the summit of Mount Mansfield to glimpse a gorgeous, panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. There are hiking trails and a restaurant up there, but the tickets to take the cable car weren’t cheap. To see all the summer activities going on at the Stowe Mountain Resort, click here!

Finally, on the way back to our hotel, we stopped at the Ben & Jerry’s factory in Waterbury and took the tour. I’d definitely recommend this stop to any ice cream-lovers. You get a free sample of a Ben & Jerry’s flavor and get to see how they make their ice cream. It was also fun to walk up to the Flavor Graveyard and look at all the wacky ideas the company’s tried in the past.

Stay tuned for the rest of the trip. We ended up looking at Bennington College and visiting the Vermont Country Store before going home!




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