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Top Five Things to do in Providence, RI

- Elise

Providence is a quaint,  historic town filled with some great attractions:

1. WaterFire – From May to October, bonfires are lit on the three rivers of downtown Providence as part of a unique urban sculpture by award-winning artist Barnaby Evans.   Together with music from around the world, the glow and aroma of the fires create an enchanting atmosphere.  The live music, street performers, food and entertainment make this a really “hot” event. Plus, WaterFire is free!  To find out more visit the WaterFire website

2. Providence Ghost Tour – Travel around the East Side of Providence while hearing stories that are sure to send shivers up your spine. The Providence Ghost Tour is an amazing way to learn about Providence’s dark history in one spooky, story-filled evening.  Visit the website:


3. Roger Williams Park – Amongst the hustle and bustle of Providence, Roger Williams Park is an oasis in the city.  Take a break from your sightseeing, grab a Frisbee and a picnic basket and relax in this beautiful park.  You can visit a Botanical Center, rent a paddle boat, visit a really good zoo, or explore a natural history museum.

4. Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art – This museum offers a nice mix of American, European, Asian, classic and contemporary art.  It isn’t terribly large, but it does have many quality pieces, such as Monets, Manets and a collection of Paul Revere’s silver-work. There’s also ancient artifacts such as an Egyptian mummy and a huge wooden Buddha. If you’re interested in going RISD, take tour while you’re there.

5. Brown University– (RISD actually has a joint program with Brown where students can take classes at both institutions and earn a dual degree. ) When fellow bloggers, Elaine, Alex and I toured this campus we couldn’t help but get that jumpy feeling that accompanies the “I LOVE THIS SCHOOL” feeling. It was a charming school, with a nice combination of historic, old buildings and the more modern buildings. Oh, and did I mention the cobblestone? :)

An aspect of Brown that stood out to me is that the university doesn’t have a “core curriculum” so you are able to take the classes that you are interested in.  If you’re in the area, I would definitely suggest taking a tour from a knowlegable and fun tour guide, so you can see the school up close and even go inside some of the architecturally impressive buildings.




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