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Norwegian Epic: Part 2-Entertainment

- Alex

There has been a lot of talk for over a year about the groundbreaking Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) ship Norwegian Epic. It finally sailed over July 4th and’s founder/editor Luisa Frey sailed aboard the inaugural cruise.

Here is Luisa’s take on the aspects of the 4,100-passenger Norwegian Epic that people like you will and will not like.



Epic is making its mark in regards to cruise ship entertainment. Rather than featuring the typical cruise stage show with dancers in feathers and such, NCL’s Epic has top name entertainers aboard that you’d find in major cities. Here is the evening entertainment you should make sure you see:

Blue Man Group: This show has been featured in NYC’s Greenwich Village for years and now is on Epic. You’ll need to book your show time ahead at the box office desk on Deck 6 near the Spiegel tent or online before your trip.

This show is really quirky but that’s what is cool about it – I can’t really say WHAT the blue men exactly do but it’s all pretty unique and off beat. (As in, rolls and rolls of clean toilet paper are unfurled at one point and the audience has to pass it forwards until it reaches the stage!) Also, during the entire show, not a word is spoken from the blue men.

The Second City: Don’t miss at least one show of this famous comedy troupe – many of the famous comedians from Saturday Night Live got started at The Second City in Chicago. Aboard NCL’s Epic, the comedians do a lot of improv that will make you laugh for sure. Note that you have to book your show ahead of time like Blue Man Group.   

Legends in Concert: Your parents will like this show more than you. But if you’re into Madonna or Elvis, then check this out because the entertainers do a really good job of impersonating their famous look- and sound-alikes. 

Fat Cats: Slam Allen is amazing! He’s the lead singer/electric guitarist at Fat Cats, which is the first blues club at sea. He’s get this low-keyed, talented way of getting everyone into the music that he and his band create, in the style of famed blues pioneer B.B. King.  Even if you’re not into the blues or jazz, you will admire the talent here.

Howl at the Moon: Dueling pianos? I loved it. Howl at the Moon features mostly classic rock ‘n roll that very talented piano players bang out with a ton of energy. If you’re into rock in the least bit, check it out. The two pianists take requests.

Cirque Dreams & Dinner: Tell your parents NOT to waste their money on this! It’s way too long and the side show (the circus announcer and singers) are loud and frankly, annoying. If it were just the cirque-style acrobats featured in the show, it’d be good. But two hours of mostly the circus announcer talking on and on were more than I and many other adults could handle.




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