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Norwegian Epic: Part 3-Food & “What’s with the stateroom design?”

- Alex


Speaking of which, there is a ton of food to choose from on Epic – more than any other cruise ship. There are 10 eating options which you have to pay a fee for and 11 which are free. If you’re into ethnic cuisine, then you’ll be in heaven. (Teppanyaki Japanese steakhouse is my favorite – great food plus the fun of watching very entertaining and talented chefs cook right in front of you. Make a reservation for this spot as soon as you get on board.)

If you’re not into ethnic food, you’ll still get into all the many choices, even in the buffet. Don’t forget to grab the really good, big, homemade cookies at the buffet at night – chocolate chip, macadamia nut, and more. 



While this is a matter of personal opinion, I don’t think a lot of teens will like Epic’s staterooms due to the bathroom set up. While the staterooms look really cool and different because there are a lot of curves in them, they really aren’t very functional.

The main area that I think a lot of people won’t like is the lack of privacy in the bathroom. Actually, there isn’t even a typical bathroom in each stateroom. Instead, there’s a toilet stall with a white Lucite sliding door on one side of the entryway to your stateroom and there’s another white Lucite sliding door with a shower stall on the other side of the entryway. (Lucite is a white synthetic material that you can see shadows through.)

The main problem is there’s no private place to get changed before/after you shower other than the entryway. While there’s a curtain that you can pull for privacy so that the rest of the cabin won’t see you as you’re getting changed or dried off in the entry way, it may not be in your comfort zone.


Overall, though, I think teens and their families will definitely enjoy Epic. It’s huge…it’s different…it’s memorable….it’s very active….and it’s fun!




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