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Parks of New Jersey: Cape May Point State Park

- Ginny

Hello all! I am continuing my series on the parks of NJ while at the Governor’s School on the Environment. The learning here is totally experiential, so we’ve been traveling all over the Pine Barrens and southern Jersey visiting lots of cool areas that I’ll be sharing with you!

I’ll talk quickly about Cape May Point State Park. As the name suggests, this park is located at the southern-most point of the whole of New Jersey. Pretty cool, right?

There’s a famous historic lighthouse and the view from the top is amazing. It is worth the few bucks to climb up. When I went, at the top of the lighthouse there was a very enthusiastic volunteer who was willing to tell me anything I needed to know about the town (particularly the lighthouse, of course).

Many trails extend through the park that pass through some amazing natural landscapes. In addition, there are numerous picnic sites.

If you like birding, Cape May is the place to visit. It is an important spot for migratory birds, who pass through year-round.

I have to go now!! But I’ll be writing more soon…




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