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Faith, Trust, and Hiking Trail Dust

- Lindsay

Despite the constant sulfur odor, Utah is amazing!

Apart from its stereotypes of deserts and red rock, Park City (about a half hour away from Salt Lake City) is mountainous, green, and forested. Therefore, Park City is ideal for, you guessed it! . . . HIKING! With abundant trails and scarce roads, some of the Rocky Mountains of less height are perfect hiking routes. However, be sure to take your shoes off before walking inside your house or hotel; it’s dusty!

Another great way to see the local scenery is via ATV (all terrain vehicle). Guided tours of the mountains and ATV rentals are available, but you must be 16 to drive one; you don’t need a license. Up streams, around winding trails, through ginormous puddles, and adventure around every corner! Just be prepared for a bumpy ride, and LOTS of dust; I would suggest tying a bandana around your face.

If rough road adventures aren’t your thing, maybe balloon adventures are! Have you ever stared at the sky as a little kid, watching the massive ballons drift their ways, wondering what it could possibly be like to float with them? Well, the wondering ends here. Experience a hot air balloon and become that little kid again! Plus, it’s a GREAT way to see the mountains.

Once you’re done hiking, ATVing, and ballooning, you can take a swim in the Jordanelle reservoir. Is the water too cold for you? Try renting a kayak or jet ski instead. Once you’re all tired out, the small, rocky strip of beach is a great place to tan.

After you’ve showered off all the dirt, sweat, and reservoir water, hit the urban part of Park City for dinner. You’ll find lots of great shops and restaurants there, and an overall pleasant atmosphere to walk through.

Well, I hope you enjoyed your Utah adventure!




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