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Fun in the sun at Camelbeach Waterpark

- Elise

Where can you surf, sunbathe on golden sand, and jump some waves? Wait, wait.  Before you answer with the obvious, where can you do all these things AND get shot out a ginormous toilet bowl? Well, Camelbeach, of course!

If you’re sulking in those summer blues, the best cure might be a trip to Camelbeach Waterpark, where there are endless spills, and yes, you’ve guessed it: endless thrills.  Whether you want to float down a lazy river, or try your luck at surfing, this waterpark has something to offer for ever level of adventure.  You can cool off at this exciting park located in the Pocono Mountains in Tannersville, Pennsylvania.  Coincidentally, this water park is framed by beautiful mountains, two of which resemble a Camel’s back.

Now, I know what you’re wondering: what about this toilet bowl?  Well, this Camelbeach is home to two rides that unmistakeably resemble the “loo.”  Vortex and Spin Cycle are two bowl slides. Spin Cycle is ridden with a tube, and ends in a chute, while Vortex is ridden without a tube and ends in a six and a half foot deep pool.  My mom and I (two wimps) bravely stepped up to the plate to ride the Spin Cycle in a tube for two.  We screamed our heads off on the slide down, but then laughed ourselves silly as we entered a huge bowl that we kept spinning around, until of course, we got “flushed” and entered another slide before the end of the wild ride.

Other wet and wild attractions at Camelbeach include:

Kahuna Lagoon is a huge wave pool which can produce up to six-foot waves, the highest man-made waves in the Northeast.  Of course, there are smaller waves closer to the mock shoreline, so you can choose the level of intensity that’s best for you. (This goes without saying, wimpy me stayed close to the shoreline and my brothers were the daring ones being trampled by the “big-boy” waves).

The Titan is an eight-story tall tube slide that allows up to five people per raft to ride down it. It’s great that so many people can go on at once! That way you can multiply the fun….and multiply the screams!

Checkered Flag Challenge is an eight-lane slide where the participants race each other down the slide on mats try to get the best time. It includes a timing system which reveals the winner. You could get all your friends and family to try this one out.  Maybe you can even make a bet, like, “whoever gets the slowest time has to sing ‘God bless America” in the middle of the waterpark.” Get creative!

Flowrider is a ride that offers riders to ride waves lying down or standing up on a surfboard. This is great if you have always wanted to try surfing out and “hang ten”.

Pharaoh’s Phortress is a family water play structure that features 8 watersides, a four-story-high tipping bucket, fountains, spray guns, and more.  This is where I spent most of my time when I was a little one. Not gonna lie, I have fun in this area even as a teenager!

-If you’re feeling extra-brave, try out Triple Venom. It’s made of three separate speed water slides, called Serpent, Viper, and Cobra, all over six stories tall. Serpent is not enclosed and allows you to experience weightlessness three times as you descend. There are three drops to it. Viper is an enclosed translucent slide. Cobra is also enclosed, but is total darkness. You can pick your poison!

No matter what kind of rides interest you, everyone in the family can have some fun at Camelbeach — without having to go to the beach.  The people are friendly, the place is clean, the water rides don’t have to be mean!  So grab your towel, head over to the Poconos, and have a “splash”!




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