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Cambridge: A Town of Paradox

- Alex

What is the epitome of intellectual curiosity and quirkiness? The city of Cambridge Massachusetts, which is full of contradictory features. There are the brainiac institutions of MIT ( and Harvard (, but in a town full of eccentricity, these cutting edge research facilities and museums stand alongside fun restaurants and shops. It is for this reason that Cambridge is so desirable to many people in the Boston area, especially as a place to visit on weekends.

As far as activities in Cambridge, there are a plethora of museums to choose from, ranging from the Harvard Art Museum (, to the MIT museum ( and the Harvard Museum of Natural History ( We visited the Harvard Museum of Natural History since my brother is really into dinosaurs and animals. If you’re into pre-historic natural history, then you’ll like this intimate museum’s ancient skeletons and animals which are stuffed and preserved. There’s also a glass flowers collection as well.

Or if museums aren’t your style, just walking around the Harvard campus can be entertaining. On nice summer days, lawn chairs are set up on the various quads for visitors to sit back and enjoy the intellectual environment. Or, if you’re my family, you can play Posterball…a makeshift game of baseball that we played in Harvard Yard with a recently purchased poster from the Museum of Natural History and a wad of paper (truly a good time)!


For all of the foodies out there, Cambridge also offers a variety of restaurants. Fire & Ice ( is my personal favorite. For a flat price of $17, you can choose as many ingredients as you want for the chefs to place on a giant stove to stir-fry. It is certainly one of the more unique places I’ve eaten at. In addition, another favorite is the TeaLuxe ( tea shop, a cute and quiet place that offers a huge variety of tea drinks.

What’s even better about Cambridge is that is right across the Charles River from downtown Boston. This easy accessibility allows it to be a great place to visit for a day or just an hour or two. If you end up going to one of the many colleges/universities in the Boston area, Cambridge is definitely the place to “hang-out”.





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