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John Pennekamp – Coral Reef State Park

- Christine

John Pennekamp, located in Key Largo, Florida is a Coral Reef Park which was established in 1963 as the first undersea park in the United States. At John Pennekamp one may enjoy camping, fishing, snorkeling, picnicking, kayaking, and much more.

From personal experience, a few summers ago a group of friends who were in summer camp went with me to several snorkeling locations at Pennekamp. The experience in itself is an amazing one, but the beauties that you see under water are just breathtaking.  When swimming in the ocean one would never imagine how beautiful and delicate everything below you is, but when snorkel or scuba dive in the reef, you see all the fish and coral underneath you. Although it is right at your fingertips, one is told to never touch any of these underwater creatures, because you may harm them.

When at Pennekamp, a part of the group that I was with saw a barracuda just within feet of them, which promptetd them to swim back to the boat. Never had any of them encountered one so close before but none of them had been put in danger as they swam right back to the boat. As you can see, one may experience things at Pennekamp that is never seen at other places.

Snorkeling at Pennekamp is definitely something that I would love to do once again, as I have snorkeled at other places and the experiences have been nothing compared to the one at Pennekamp.




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