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Boredom Be-Gone!

- Lindsay

Every year, there’s always that eight-hour-long car trip to your 2-week-long vacation. The vacation is always amazing, you can’t afford to fly, and it’s a family tradition, after all. Well, now you can manage your car time, and you’ll be on the beach before you know it! Just use these tips:

• Do you have required summer reading? Tackle that, a few chapters at a time. (Hint: If you begin to feel carsick, just have a sip of water and look out the window.)
• Listen to an iPod or portable CD player and jam to your favorite tunes!
• Bring a notebook and jot down a story, poem, or just doodle!
• Although they shouldn’t be played ALL the time, portable video game systems can be amusing.
• Play a “car game.” See if you can find all the letters of the alphabet on highway signs, or who can spot the most state license plates.
• Hand games such as “Slide” and “Miss Mary Mac” are always entertaining, as long as you don’t annoy the driver!
• Remember that having a conversation with other people in the car can keep you occupied, too!
Remember these tips going to and coming from your destination, and have an awesome vacation! (Ha ha, unintentional rhyme!)




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