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Kicking it Old School in Boston

- Alex

As one of the birthplaces of the American Revolution, Boston is surely the place to go if you are a history lover. And believe me, Boston is well aware of its history and plays it up to the extreme.

One of the tourist attractions in Boston is the Freedom Trail.  There is a red brick line that runs throughout the city past many of the historic locations such as burial grounds, churches, and homes. If you decide to go on a Freedom Trail official tour (for more information go to ), you will be led to various locations around the city by a knowledgeable and amiable tour guide dressed in colonial garb. While it may seem a little silly, it was a lot of fun and I certainly learned a lot.

Being a lover of presidents, I journeyed to the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum in South Boston. While not in a particularly great neighborhood, the museum area is very evocative of JFK’s love of the sea, as it is situated right on the water. But the museum itself was just fabulous. Even my nine-year-old brother loved it (which shows that it has something for all ages). The neat thing about the exhibits were that they flowed into each other from JFK’s childhood, through his election and presidency, and ending at his tragic death. Some of my favorite aspects were the old videos, the White House and time-period-accurate décor, and overall attention to detail. I got to learn so much about a president I previously knew very little about.  The entire walk through the museum should take about two hours; I would recommend it to anybody regardless is you are a president-freak like me.  For more information, go to

If you just can’t get enough of JFK, then visit the Omni Parker House dining room for a slice of history. While at breakfast, we sat at the same table where JFK proposed to his wife and First Lady, Jackie Kennedy! The Omni Parker House is actually a very historic hotel. Situated in one of the historic districts of Boston, the Parker House hosted famous authors like Charles Dickens and Ralph Waldo Emerson, and was also the place where JFK gave his first formal speech. Clearly, we were sleeping and dining in history.

So if you’re looking to discover the past, come to Boston. Around every corner you’ll discover a cool new fact or see something of historical significance. As our Freedom Trail tour guide said, “huzzah”!

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