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Queen Mary 2

- Tyler

During my summer vacation I left my family at home to go on the Queen Mary 2 with my Oma and Opa (grandpa and grandpa) along with my Aunt Judy along with my two British cousins. On August 8th we left Brooklyn in New York for Southampton in England. As we left we were followed by a variety of boats and helicopters including a out of service fire boat and a NYPD helicopter.

fire boat and down town New York

That evening we went to the Britannia restaurant to have dinner and met our waiter for the six days on the ship, Basil. The next day me and my cousins went up on deck and tried playing shuffleboard, at first weren’t that good but by the end of the trip we had gotten much better. Also the that evening we went to the first of three performances by John Cleese who was on of the main people on Monty Python and usually would talk about his experiences and show us some of his work in the royal court theater on board. That night at dinner was one of the tree formal nights at dinner and also during dinner I tried frog legs for the first time as an appetizer. On the Qm2 they have so many places to eat, the Britannia restaurant and the kings court (the 24 hour buffet) are both free and you can eat there as much as you want. Along with those are the Queens grill, the princess grill, the Todd English, the G32 night club, and the commodore club.

Britannia restaurant

On the third day of our Trans-Atlantic crossing we went to the first of our two planetarium shows in illuminations which is the only planetarium at sea. Along with shows it also transforms into a movie theater. Besides the theaters, the restaurants, and the entertainment, my favorite thing to do was go out on deck where you could enjoy the sea air and breeze. Also on deck you could play sports like shuffle board, basketball, paddle tennis and a driving range. Along with sports to play you could also swim in one of the four pools around the ship, or soak in one of the hot tubs that surrounds the pools (or if you are over 18 you can go to the 5th pool in the spa).

Aft decks of the ship.

My final part of the voyage I will discuss is the ship it’s self. The Queen Mary 2 along with the other ships built by Cunard (for more information go to in the past is an ocean liner, which I learned is different from a cruise ship because it is literally built to cross rough ocean waters without rocking. along with being extremely stable the ship has a much thicker hull than most cruise ships. As you know by now the Queen Mary 2 is a very large ship and is now the 6th largest passenger vessel in the world, when it was built in 2004 it was still the largest.

View from forward to aft.

Six days after our departure from New York we finally arrived in England.




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